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Integrate Document Scanner in Traditional Web App

02-24-2023, 11:59 AM
# 1 (permalink)

We developed a traditional web app that supports document uploads to S3. This is limited to the user selecting an existing file on their machine or in some cases, utilizing their attached web camera to take a picture. We're currently looking to introduce a feature that will allow users to scan documents directly into our system.

We need to develop an interface that can detect an attached document scanning device, scan the document through a button press, and upload the document to S3. The feature also needs to support document previews.

We looked at the Document Scanner Forge item, but it is specific to mobile apps and the device's camera. I haven't had luck finding another Forge item that fills our need. I also searched the OutSystems forum, and found a link to a C# Winforms scanning application.

This Windows app utilizes the Windows Image Aquisition (WIA) Microsoft COM component. I downloaded the solution and it works as a standalone Windows app. I then started creating a C# extension to implement the code in OutSystems, with a simple test app. Right now, my extension is simply trying to create an instance of the WIA DeviceManager class. When I trigger the action from my test app, I'm getting an "Access is denied" error relating to the COM component

Are you sure your are posting in product assigned forum?: Yes

What is your CMS version?: Joomla 1.5

MySQL Version: 5.x

PHP version: 5.x

Link to installation: https://docs.joomla.org/Inserting_a_...nto_an_Article

Have you edited any files? If yes tell us which ones.: No

Is this personal or client website?: Personal
03-04-2023, 08:59 AM
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Hey there! I haven't had the chance to try out the new Caesars Sportsbook mobile app yet, but it sounds interesting!
03-04-2023, 09:01 AM
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Yo! That's a cool project you're working on! Have you heard of Smart Engines? They're a tech company that specializes in scanning ID cards, passports, driver's licenses, MRZ, bank cards, QR code, PDF417 and more in real-time. They're the real deal when it comes to document scanning. Maybe check 'em out, they might have a solution that fits your needs!
03-24-2023, 01:47 PM
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05-24-2023, 05:29 AM
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What is the outcome of this project?
Vampire Survivors
05-30-2023, 02:55 AM
# 6 (permalink)
The project has potential, I'm looking forward to the product
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