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espacoautomotivo 03-25-2011 11:33 AM

How to change the e-mail address of my profile?
Hello everyone!

For the last two weeks I've been trying to change the e-mail of my profile, with no success. Just because, in the indicated area to do it, there is no e-mail field, just password and domain.

Also, I've tried to contact the support team, and for my surprise there were no replies at all. I've also sent a PM (private message) to Neo and the response was the same: no response!.

First, something so basic should be easy to do (to change de e-mail address) and it can be considered a priority level in terms of security. Imagine if someone is using my current e-mail address without my permission, one of the things I would do is to change this address for the services that uses it. I know that this is not the only thing to do in a situation like this (I know, believe me!), but it is one the things and it is urgent.

Second, this is a private information and belongs to the user, so it must be available for the user at anytime.

I'm sorry, your service in general is high class and I am a fan of your work, but I was really disappointed with the lack of feedback in a so basic but not less important matter.

So, please, can you tell me where to change this information?

Thank you.

neo 03-25-2011 11:51 AM

your emails bounced back , you made mistake when you typed the email address , since you never said what your new email is we could not change it.

Emails canot and should not be changed by user , otherwise we would have security issue

as for PM , you be better off by posting here or emailing support( with correct email) instead pm me . I never check those and I have hundred coming per day for simple how to .

neo 03-25-2011 11:53 AM

next time , after first 24h no response from our contact email , post in forum

espacoautomotivo 03-25-2011 12:29 PM

Hi Neo! So nice of you to reply, fast, patience and polite with the customers as always.

Well, How can I have mistyped my e-mail if was able to register myself?

(I maybe wrong, really wrong, so please correct me if I am): if I can not change my own e-mail address here then I have a security issue for myself. Does this information belongs to me?.
And I never said what is the new e-mail because I thought that I could do it myself.

Sorry, but sometimes, it is really frustrating....

so, again: how can I change my e-mail address?

Thanks for the feedback.

Ps.: I've sent another request to the support and I'll wait the required 24 hours. Please, don't get me wrong, but you are making a simple task too complicated. But, well you may have your reasons...

espacoautomotivo 03-25-2011 08:18 PM

Support has changed my information. You can close this one as solved.

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