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sustec 04-24-2014 11:55 AM


First place, thank you very much for your attention and for the template.

There are some problems with the grids or positions, before to change nothing in the template or settings, appear in the page few error lines showing:
Warning: explode() expects parameter 2 to be string, array given in /home/newsport/public_html/templates/baseline/yjsgcore/lib/yjsg_loadgrids.php on line 247

Besides when I try to assign a position to a module, it does not show. I tried with few positions (header, top1, top2, adv1, user11), in someones it just does not appear in other even show a new error line:
Warning: array_key_exists() expects parameter 2 to be array, null given in /home/newsport/public_html/templates/baseline/yjsgcore/lib/yjsg_loadgrids.php on line 254

But for example, seems that 'footer' showed it properly.

Right now, I set as proof for you:
- 'select language' module on the 'footer' (does appear)
- 'access form' on 'adv1' (shows a new error line)
- 'image module' on 'header' (does not show)

I hope there is something that can be do to solve it!

Thank you.

Kind regards,

Are you sure your are posting in product assigned forum?: Yes

What is your CMS version?: Joomla 3.x

MySQL Version: 5.x

PHP version: 5.x

Link to installation:

Have you edited any files? If yes tell us which ones.: No

Is this personal or client website?: Personal

neo 04-24-2014 12:10 PM

advise of exact joomla version please
and YJSG version
and when did you get the file/files

there was fix for this long time ago
js error in admin is not letting you save thus the positions are not rendered properly

sustec 04-24-2014 12:24 PM


Joomla version: Joomla! 3.2.2 Stable [ Ember ] 6-February-2014
PHP version: 5.3.27
Database: MySQLi 5.1.69-cll
YJSG version: 1.0.16

I did download the file months ago, but I looked in your forums and read about update it, so today I deleted template Baseline downloaded a new file, and it was installed again.
It was downloaded from:

Thank you,

neo 04-24-2014 12:42 PM

I am on 3.2.3
Screenshot by Lightshot

donwloaded that file
and no issues
Screenshot by Lightshot

do hard refresh if you were reinstalling template
since that bug is JS related so if you have old JS file cached you will still have an issue

if nothing works , PM me admin info

sustec 04-24-2014 01:38 PM


Thank you.

It was something strange.
I updated to Joomla v.3.2.3 and I cleaned chache through all the ways I know, but it did not work.
So I deleted the template and installed it again. Then it works fine. However I went in template style and inside the tab 'Top Menu' I changed the default top menu from 'Menu de Usuario' to 'Menu ES' (is the menu which has elements), I saved and then the errors appears again.
Even I back to set the former menu 'Menu de Usuario' and cleaned cache but the errors hold.
I were so surprised, that I deleted the template to install it again, and checked that after installation it is ok but once I change the default top menu errors appears, even if I back to former menu choice.

I sent you user access data as a PM.

Thank you,

neo 04-24-2014 02:13 PM

I managed to fix the js bug but I am constantly being kicked out of admin

neo 04-24-2014 02:18 PM

give me few more min I see what the problem is

neo 04-24-2014 02:27 PM

I cant duplicate this on my server at all
please describe all steps from beging to end

what did you install first
what did you update
where did you get the joomla installation from

sustec 04-24-2014 02:35 PM


Joomla update was made automatically, I mean I updated it from the "configuration/update joomla" and it got the last version, I don't know where is the source.

I updated first joomla as you advised, and after I clean cache, nothing happened so I deleted and installed again the template.
At this point errors were solved, however once I change the default top menu of the style, the errors appear again.

Is it what you asked?

Kind regards,

neo 04-24-2014 02:38 PM

no what I mean is where did you get the actual Joomla install
did you install our demo and updated from 2.5.x to 3.x
did you download joomla from
or ?

sustec 04-24-2014 02:46 PM


I don't remember with absolute certain, but I think that I got Joomla v.3 from Portal Joomla Spanish - Bienvenidos al proyecto Joomla! Spanish, in Spanish

Regarding your demo, sorry but I am not sure what you mean about the demo.


neo 04-24-2014 02:56 PM

ok , seems like the issue is either language or language swithcer
please either download Baseline Demo , install and update to j3.x
Baseline - Free Joomla Template

or download joomla from

neo 04-24-2014 02:57 PM

can you link me to the joomla install you got please

sustec 04-24-2014 03:12 PM


Sorry but Baseline Demo is actually a Joomla installation, is not? how can I do to install Baseline Demo if Joomla is already installed? I never installed Joomla over a previous installation, I mean, only I made new installations from blank and updates.

Sorry I don't know how to proceed for install Joomla without delete all the previous set of Joomla, or what should I do.

Thanks for your patience.

neo 04-24-2014 03:16 PM

remove current joomla installation
upload the demo and install
Youjoomla - Template Docs

sustec 04-24-2014 05:18 PM


Sorry for the delay, I got Joomla from Joomla! The CMS Trusted By Millions for their Websites (last version 3.2.3), installed, and I was testing accurately that any change would cause errors again (like change the menu or activate the multilenguage modules and plugins).
And after that I can say that any error has appeared.

So looks as you said that was the Joomla version setup (spanish file) what cause the error, is it?

I really appreciate you help, it was really quickly, I am very happy you get the solution.


Kind regards,

neo 04-24-2014 06:17 PM

post the link to that Spanish installation , I would like to test it on my local server, than I can tell you more and update the grid if there are some issues

sustec 04-25-2014 04:00 AM


It is here: Portal Joomla Spanish - Bienvenidos al proyecto Joomla! Spanish
This link:


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